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When checking in our latest new merchandise I was thinking about how we decide what to sell at REfind (beyond the consignment items). I believe, in general, new merchandise must speak to my heart. It needs to be something I would buy if I was shopping at REfind. I love Made in America, made by a small business and things that a just great ideas. So to this end, we just added a new line called Finding Home.


Finding Home Farms is a family-owned, lifestyle brand that offers the best of the farm with products that say “Welcome Home”. From Hand-crafted maple syrup to soy candles this family quit the corporate world to do something that they loved. These backyard sugar makers are now crafting maple syrup year round!


When our local rep came in Angela was working. What a thrill for her to get to see what she had been reading about on a blog. She has been a Laura Putnam follower whose blog is called Finding Home, like her new products. We think this line will make great gifts for the upcoming Holidays and we are in love with the packaging and story. We hope you will enjoy this line as much as we do!

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