Time to slow down

After the whirlwind of the Holiday season followed by a quick trip to Oklahoma to see family and then off to Atlanta to the Gift Mart it is time to slow down. Fortunately having a blizzard drop 2 feet of snow helped me put the brakes on,  even if only for a day or two.

plates 3

I realized it has been two months since I last updated my website. So here I am today with a few minutes of quiet time to share some new pretties with you. As you know our motto is “where old meets new” and I believe these photos show you just how we do it.


Lovely 1940’s vintage china mixed with bath tablets, soaps, musse bath balms and new table linens!  So lovely all mixed together. The linens a bit quirky helping the china to feel so beautifully vintage modern. The bath products smelling so yummy and perfect for a valentine gift.


It is the mixing that we love here at REfind. I can’t wait to show you my latest finds from the Gift show. You will find them tucked into consignment items, both current and vintage, that we showcase as well.

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