we’ve come a long way!

I have walked up these steps five days a week for over 7 years now! Hard to believe we will be celebrating our 8th Anniversary this October. Since I opened we have not only nailed thousands of holes in the walls but also built a business that I am proud of!

Many of you have watched as we have “refined” REfind. Initially we almost 100% consignment. Over the years we realized if we wanted to be here for the long haul we needed to also consider more gift items that customers would need to purchase on a regular basis.

In order to continue to add great products we have decided we need a little refresh and update. We will be doing this little housecleaning during the middle of August. The painter will be in so we will closed a few days to let him work. He has a lot of holes to fill!!! Please check facebook or instagram for specific days we won’t be open.  We are looking forward to many more years up here on the corner and hope you will like our new look.

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